Ask Away!

I want to engage with my readers. I want to connect with you and let you get to know me in whatever way you want. I am open to questions about anything. I will answer whatever questions you have, whether they are about me, my writing, my view on political ideas, even a would you rather question.

Email me; comment on this post; message me on facebook; respond on twitter; whichever way you want to contact me, do! All I want are questions and I will respond to them. Depending on the questions, I might devote a whole blog post to them. Or I may just respond with a personal note to you.

Ask away! The more questions the merrier!


6 comments on “Ask Away!

  1. Hi Angela,
    Just curious. Are you writing any books or other large projects right now?

    • Angela says:

      Yes, I am currently working on a new book that has me very excited but it’s a slow process. I am also in the process of possibly putting out a revised copy of a non-fiction book I wrote a couple of years ago.

      • Yeah, it sure is a long process–longer for me than most, I’m sure. May I ask what the book is about? Though, for me that’s usually a tough question to answer….

      • Angela says:

        Yeah, that is a tough question to answer especially since I’m still in the process of writing it. I guess I could tell you what I have for the back cover so far although it might change before I’m done with the book.

        One man grows up with hard times but changes his life and starts on the path to success. Another man grows up with everything but is on the path to destruction. Their lives entwine when one man’s survival becomes another man’s charity case. But who is the one who is needing the charity?

      • That sounds like a good story. Where/when is it set?

      • Angela says:

        It is set in Winnipeg and in today’s time.

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