What’s that? It’s not a cat. It’s not a dog. What is it?

It was black and white and furry. I watched it move. Maybe I could pet it.

I forgot about my ball and walked towards it.

Its fur looked really soft. Maybe it would be as soft as my dogs’.

I lifted my hand to pet it.


It bit me!

I started crying.

The animal bit me!

It was a bad animal. It wasn’t friendly like my dogs.

The bad animal ran away.

“What’s wrong, Sweetie? What happened?” Mommy’s face appeared in front of mine.

I held out my hand to her.

“The cat bit me!”

“The cat? What cat?”

“She means the skunk.” My brother Matt came closer. He held my ball.

“Skunk!” Mommy picked me up and carried me into the house. It felt nice to be in her arms but my fingers still hurt.

“Neil, Anne’s been bitten by a skunk and I need to get her to the hospital. Can you come and look after Matt and Joel?”

Who was Mommy talking to? I didn’t want to go to the hospital. The man was going to stick me with something. He always did. And it hurt.

“Okay, great. Thanks.”

Mommy hung up the phone and looked at me.

Maybe if I stuck my fingers in my mouth they would stop hurting.

Mommy grabbed my hand. “Don’t suck on your fingers, Anne. We need to find something to wrap your fingers to stop the bleeding.”

I stuck my thumb on my other hand in my mouth and started sucking.

“Matt, can you get me the bandages.”

Mommy grabbed something from Matt’s hand. She put bandages on my fingers. I couldn’t see the bite marks anymore.

The door to the house creaked open. I looked up from my fingers.


I ran to him and he picked me up. “Grampa, look at my fingers!”

“Enough of that. We need to go.” Mommy grabbed me from Grampa. “Thank you for coming, Neil.”

My baby brother started crying. Grampa went to pick him up.

Mommy turned and started walking. I couldn’t see Grampa anymore. No! I don’t want to go! Grampa just got here!

I kicked Mommy but she didn’t let go. She continued carrying me away from Grampa.

Mommy locked me in the car. I couldn’t move.

Mommy backed the car out. My ball was on the grass now. I wanted to play with my ball. But I couldn’t get free.

I knew where we were going. I didn’t want to go. I stuck my thumb back in my mouth and sucked.

I held onto Mommy when she freed me from the car. Couldn’t we go home? My fingers didn’t hurt as much.

I was still clinging to Mommy when the man with the white coat came in.

Mommy talked to the man. I sucked on my thumb and stared at the wall. Maybe he would forget I was here.

“Let’s have a look-see.”

The man grabbed my hand.

I sucked harder on my thumb. The man was looking at my hand. He ripped off the bandages.

“We’re going to have to give her shots in case the skunk had rabies.”

Shots! I don’t want shots!

The man took me from Mommy and laid me on a bed on my tummy.

I couldn’t see what he was doing. How big is the shot? How much will it hurt?

I continued to suck my thumb.

The man pulled down my pants and my big kid pants.


Now my bum hurt.

He put something on my bum and pulled up my big kid pants and other pants.

Mommy picked me up again.

The man in the white coat had something in his hand. A sucker!

“You were a brave little girl.”

I grabbed the sucker from his hand.

Mommy grabbed it from me and pulled something off of it. She handed it back to me. I plopped it into my mouth and sucked. Mmmm…lemon.

Mommy trapped me in the car again. I had my sucker. I was happy.

Mommy let me out when we got home. I ran to Grampa. I showed him my sucker. “I got a sucker cuz I didn’t cry. They shot my bum.”

“Did they now?” Grampa picked me up.

Matt ran to Mommy. “Guess what Grampa did!”

Joel started crying. Mommy walked to him and picked him up. She turned back to Matt. “What did Grandpa do?”

“Grampa killed the skunk with a pitchfork!”