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I would love to hear from my readers so feel free to give me a shout out. You can email me at You can also find me on facebook at my fan page. You can also follow me on twitter.

If you read one of my books, I would love to get feedback from you whether it is good or bad. You can contact me about anything and I will make sure to reply to all the emails I receive from my readers.

2 comments on “Contact Me

  1. Ernie Koop says:

    Hi Angela,
    You are in my thoughts and prayers. I read your comments regarding the invitation to be part of that anxiety group in Wpg. Although i can’t say that ‘i know how you feel’, i understand where you’re coming from – and those are valid feelings. I wish you all the best, and hope and pray that you’ll survive the experience, and that it will turn out to be a good one, if you decide to go. I’m in your corner!


    • Hi Ernie (it almost feels weird writing that without professor in front),
      Thank you! I admit I was anxious prior to going to Mexico on Mission Exposure but I didn’t feel as anxious as I had thought I would be and I think part of that was because of you and how prepared you were. Thank you for caring and being gentle on the trip especially when I had motion sickness. On the way to Mexico when I had motion sickness, at the time I honestly didn’t know if I was nauseous because of anxiety or motion sickness although I think most of it was motion sickness. If it wasn’t for you and the group being so understanding with me on that first day, it most likely would have been a lot different trip for me. You and the rest of the group made me feel safe and cared for on that first day which helped a lot with my anxiety on the whole trip. I know I’m probably rambling here but I felt like I should let you know and thank you for it. So thank you and I appreciate your prayers!

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