The Killer No One Wants to Talk About

The Killer No One Wants to Talk About is my first somewhat published book. It has never actually been published but I wrote it because of my own struggles and wanted to reach people with it. You can read it for free by clicking on the link above.

Suicide is a major issue facing many people today, but many people do not want to talk about it. I have sometimes felt like committing suicide myself. I wrote a book that is around 100 pages about suicide. It tells a little bit about my own struggles and research that I did on the subject to try and help people deal with suicide and their feelings.

601720_538116062890786_1025991329_nLove Unrealized

Excerpt from the back cover

A girl who was adopted by a king after living in an orphanage since birth has been searching for love her whole life. A man comes into her life that seems to giver her the love she so desperately desires but they both try to keep secrets from one another. An enemy of her father, the king, wants to punish him and she may be in his crosshairs. Will she find the love she so desperately desires or will her desire bring her and her father into the hands of the enemy?

Breaking Free CoverBreaking Free

Johnny Cardinal grows up detesting white people. They condemn him because of his skin color. He succumbs to the circumstances he has no control over and becomes what they thought he was. His only regret – the disappointment in his mother’s eyes and missing his siblings’ lives.

Eric Thompson grows up affluent but desires the love his parents fail to give him. He makes mistakes trying to get it and entraps himself with his mistakes. His lackluster marriage is on the brink of death and it’s all his fault.

Their lives entwine when one man’s survival becomes another man’s charity case. But who is the one needing the charity?

Front CoverQuietly Making an Impact

In nineteen short years my brother, Calvin Joel Dueck, affected more people in his short life than I ever hope to. He probably never even knew it. It was just a part of who he was. He lived his life in a way that impacted people by being a quiet leader.

Feel free to read, download, or print the book as well as the cover.

Quietly Making an Impact
Quietly Making an Impact – Cover

To order a colour print copy, click here.

To order a black & white print copy, click here.

Gasping for Air

My name is Anne Lily Duke, a young woman in her early twenties, and this is my story. Tragedy struck my family one summer and I struggled to keep my head above water through the grief and feeling like I got lost in the shuffle of my family. God ignored my pleas, leaving me gasping for air. It’s not a happy story and I can’t guarantee a happy ending but nevertheless this is my story.

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3 comments on “Books

  1. May God bless you, Angela. God gave you talent, and you are using it wisely. Keep writing. I contemplated suicide years ago, and I thank God that I didn’t go though with it. I’m so happy I could shout for joy. I have an exciting, supernatural relationship with Christ, and I am blessed with wonderful children and grandchildren–who wouldn’t be here if I had given in to impulses sparked by depression. May your experience and steps in overcoming depression help millions worldwide. BTW, I put a link to your blog on mine.

    • Angela says:

      Thank you! For the longest time, I kept my depression to myself but a few years ago, I decided that it was time to share about it and try to help people who struggle with it as well. Thank you for your encouragement! I will definitely check out your blog. I am glad that you didn’t go through with suicide and I’m sure your family is glad as well. God can do amazing things through us and in us. God bless you, Sheryl!

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