The First and Last Ride

Nice horsies.

I watched the horses as they nibbled on some grass. Mommy held my hand so I couldn’t run up to them.

Mommy and Daddy said I was big enough to ride one this year.

Pulling on Mommy’s hand, I tried to get her to walk faster.

This was one of the best parts about coming to Sunshower Lake – the animal farm.

A sheep fell over and I giggled.

I was finally going to get to ride a horse. I couldn’t wait.

One horse lifted its head and looked right at me. It wanted me to ride it too. I could tell.

My view of the horses was blocked when a man squatted in front of me.

“Do you want to ride a horse?”

“Yes!” I squealed. I almost jumped up and down I was so excited.

The man smiled. He had a nice smile but I wanted to see the horses. He turned to my brother, Neil. He had gotten to ride the horses last year and the year before that and the year before that. Now, it was my turn.

“Do want to lead the horse?”

Neil smiled. “Sure.”

I shook with excitement as I watched the man walk up to one of the horses.

“Go on, Anne.” Mom touched my shoulder.

I stared wide-eyed at the big horse as I made my way closer. It was so big. It was as tall as the man.

“Are you ready?”

I nodded my head.

The man grabbed me at the waist and lifted me onto the horse’s back. He showed me where to put my hands to hold on.

The horse seemed bigger from up here but it could have been my imagination. I was good at imagining things.

Neil grabbed the reins and the man showed him how to get the horse moving.

The animal shifted beneath me and I giggled. I was doing it! I was riding a horse!

My little body swayed with the horse. Neil led the horse around the yard with me giggling.

This was the best!

I was getting to ride a horse instead of just looking at them and reading about them.


Neil made the horse turn for another lap. A woman with a bright pink hat came into view.

The horse started lifting its front legs.

I felt myself slipping. I tried to hold on while Neil lost grip of the rope.

The next thing I knew, I was on the ground on my back.

I started crying. My back and bum hurt.

Mommy grabbed me. I wrapped my arms around her neck and clung to her.

It was a bad horsie.

I didn’t even want to look at the horse anymore.

“I’m sorry. The horse must have spooked from the woman’s fluorescent hat.” The man with the nice smile now held the horse’s rope. The horse was standing behind him with all four feet on the ground. “Go inside and get her checked out.”

Mommy was rubbing my back. It felt nice. My tears slowly stopped and I stuck my thumb in my mouth.

Mommy carried me inside the cabin-like building and a woman met us.

“She’s alright. She’s just a little shocked and scared.” Mommy talked to the woman and continued rubbing my back.

The woman looked at me. “Are you okay, Sweetie?”

I nodded my head against Mommy’s shoulder.

The woman kept talking. “Do you want a chocolate bar?”

Chocolate bar?

I removed my thumb from my mouth and nodded. I liked chocolate.

“Which one would you like?”

Mmmm…which one?

I pointed to an Oh Henry! bar. She handed it to me and I ripped it open.

Yummy! I shoved the chocolate into my mouth.

Mommy carried me outside.

Another little girl was riding the horse now.

I didn’t want to ride a horse again.