2014 Year in Review

I wasn’t going to do a “year in review” blog post this year as a tragic event and health issues in the latter part of the year made 2014 a year I wish had never happened. However, I decided it might be best to do a “year in review” to possibly see the good things that happened throughout the year as well as the bad. I’ve decided to organize the year of 2014 into themes instead of doing them chronologically this time. I also tried to keep them short so this post wouldn’t be too long.

Breaking Free finished

Within the first couple of days into 2014, I finished writing the manuscript of Breaking Free. The next several months were spent editing and revising, with the it being released July 1, 2014.

Schooling and Work

I continued my Library & Information Technology program with the summer off. I had two work placements during the second and third semesters of my program – one in April and one in October. During the summer, I worked at my local public library again and probably for the last time.


A highlight for me of 2014 was attending my first NHL games. The first game I attended was in March and the local NHL team was playing my favorite team. Then in September, I attended two more NHL games but this time they were pre-season games.

Health Issues

In the latter parts of 2013, I went to see a doctor and had a blood test to check my hormones that I never got the results of so I figured everything showed up fine in my blood test. A few months later, probably in February or March, I knew something was wrong with hormones and wanted to talk to the doctor again about it so I phone the clinic but the doctor had gone back to cancer care. I never ended up talking to a doctor about that again until recently.

In March my ankle starting bothering me and I finally went to the doctor about it in July but he said it was probably just tendinitis.

Around September or so, I started having a lot of abdominal pain and intestinal issues that had kind of been off and on for the last several years but it was much worse and more consistent. I finally went to the doctor about it in early December because it had gotten so bad. I was then diagnosed with H. Pylori which had caused an ulcer that I had to take 22 pills a day for seven days over my Christmas holidays because I couldn’t take penicillin.

Brother’s Death

The thing that affected my year the most was my brother drowning on August 9. I will probably never forget that day. Since my brother’s death, I have been to several “ceremonies” or “memorials” for him at hockey games and went to things that I probably wouldn’t have gone to before. My dad, my oldest brother, and I also had a meeting with the Minister of Water Stewardship and Conservation and several other people to see what could be done at the beach that my brother drowned at to stop it from happening to other people.