First Official Publishing

I had entered a short story contest a couple of months ago and on Monday, I received a letter from them saying that I made it into their finalists. I was ecstatic when I read it. Because I made it into their finalists, they will publish my short story in their anthology.

I wrote my short story explicitly for the contest. I thought about entering one of my previous short stories that I have written but there was a word limit to the contest entries and the stories that I thought about entering were too long.

I ended up writing a short story that was a fictionalized account of an event that actually happened. When I was four years old, I got bit by a skunk. I thought this could make a good short story so I decided to write one based on that event. The story is more based on the event than actually retelling it but I did include some things that actually happened, like my grandpa killing the skunk with a pitchfork.

If some of you want to read it, I may post it on my site.

P.S. The winners for the contest are only going to be announced in January.