Tolkien – Book Review

God’s ways are inscrutable. Learn how an expert in Anglo-Saxon and English literature came to write a trilogy widely regarded as the touchstone fantasy of modern times. Go behind the scenes to learn what motivated Tolkien, the sources that illuminated his imagination, and the importance of friends like C.S. Lewis.

To start this review, I will confess that I have actually never read any of Tolkien’s work and I’ve only seen one of The Lord of the Rings movies. It may seem strange to some as to why someone who has never read any of Tolkien’s work would read a biography on how his work came to be. I’ve heard a lot about him and am familiar with his work despite not ever reading it. As a writer myself and knowing how beloved his work is, I wanted to know more about how his books came to be.

I found it fascinating to read how different events and places in his childhood influenced his books. I found it especially interesting because his books are fantasy but they came out of his reality. I also liked that The Hobbit started as a story he told his children. Reading about the back story of his books in this book, I kind of want to read them.

My only criticism is that at times I got a little confused of the timeline of the various events in Tolkien’s life because the author of this book would mention something that happened many years later than the event he was currently talking about and then he would bounce back.

I think people who enjoy Tolkien’s books will enjoy this book. I think it will also be an enjoyable read for those who like to see the inspiration behind the writing of books.