The Story Behind My Book

I’ve been reticent to make this known but Gasping for Air is based on true events. Back in 2014, my second youngest brother drowned while at the beach with friends. Some sections are closer to the true story than others. Some things were simplified, others were changed to make for a better story, and some things were omitted because of other reasons.

The opening line, “When I die, just bury me in a cardboard box” was something my brother actually said two days before he died and I’ll never forget it.

Ironically, the day he died I had gone to the Post Office and picked up a box of copies of my novel Breaking Free which had been released a little over a month prior.

Writing this novel was therapeutic for me in a way and it helped spark my creative juices again in regards to writing. I tried starting on my next novel several months after he died but I couldn’t concentrate and had no motivation to do it.

When I got the idea for this novel, it was going to be about a young woman who loses her brother but it wasn’t originally going to be so closely tied to my story. After my brother died, I realized there wasn’t much out there in fiction and non-fiction related to losing a sibling, especially in young adulthood. There is a lot out there about a parent losing a child and vice versa but not about losing a sibling. I would find the occasional book that mentioned a child losing a sibling or an adult in the late stages of life losing a sibling but nothing in between.

The grief one faces after losing a sibling is often unrecognized or overlooked as everyone focuses on the parents and the spouse and children if they have them.

This book was my way of being heard and giving voice to the grief I faced during that time.

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No One to Trust – Book Review

The last year of Summer Abernathy’s life is a lie. She wakes up one morning with a gun in her face and men in her bedroom who tell her husband is actually David Hackett not Kyle Abernathy and they want the laptop and flash drive he stole.

David Hackett has been in the witness protection program for over a year. Three weeks before he’s scheduled to witness at a murder trial, the people who want to get the laptop he stole find him.

David and Summer have to rely on the US Marshalls to keep them safe until the trial and until David can hand over the laptop and flash drive to the authorities to put a mob boss behind bars. Summer also has to decide if she can trust and love her husband whom she didn’t know at all.

David and Summer’s story hooked me right away. I was wanting to know who was after David (Kyle at the time) when he was on a call. I also wanted to know how Summer would deal with finding out her husband wasn’t Kyle but rather David. I was constantly wondering how David and Summer were going to get away. Also, I was never really sure who was on the flash drive. Sometimes I would forget that was even part of the story because I was so entrenched in David and Summer’s story and wanting them to survive.

Those who like more of the romance side of the romantic suspense genre may be disappointed with this book. It is not as strong as it is in other books of this genre. It’s hard to be romantic when you found out your husband is not who you thought he was and your running away from a mob boss and his goons.

This book was focused more on the suspense and fighting to stay alive as opposed to the romance but it was still there because David and Summer had to work through the lie of David’s identity. I think those who like romantic suspense will like this book but those who are not particularly fond of romance, at least where two characters fall in love in a short amount of time, may like this book as well as the romance is between a married couple and it’s not super strong in the book.