No Place to Hide – Book Review

She’ll defend her friend until the bitter end–but is she in over her head?

It’s not every day you see your childhood friend and onetime crush on national news. Jackie Sellers just wishes it were under different circumstances. She can’t believe that Ian Lockwood is wanted in connection with a terrorist plot, and she’s determined to find him and help him clear his name. Unfortunately, she’s not the only one looking for him. The FBI wants him captured. The bad guys want him dead. Ian just wants to stay alive long enough to prove his innocence and prevent a catastrophe.

I love Lynette Eason’s books and this one was no different. The intricate suspense plot drew me in and got me wondering if things like this actually happen in real life. I kept wondering what would happen to Ian and Jackie and who would get to them first. I found the romance lacking until the end, but I was okay with that. It made it seem a little more realistic to me and what little romance there was didn’t take away from the fact that Ian and Jackie were running for their lives. I found the spiritual element to be beautifully interwoven with the suspense. I also liked getting the different points of view throughout the book, as it gave more depth to the plot.

Nowhere to Turn – Book Review

The day Danielle Harding takes her 11-year-old son, Simon, and flees from her abusive husband, is the same day Kurt Harding dies. A relieved Dani believes she and her son are finally safe–but in reality, the danger has just begun. When Kurt was alive, he took something important to a mysterious person. That person wants the item back and believes Dani now has it. As she and her son run for their lives, they have nowhere to turn, until she hires Adam Buchanan of Operation Refuge and goes into hiding. Unfortunately, she won’t be able to hide for long . . .

I really enjoy Lynette Eason’s books and this one was no different. This is the second book in the Hidden Identity series where we get to learn more about Adam Buchannan who we were introduced to in the first book.

This book had a lot of suspense in it which I liked. It also kept me guessing as far as who was all involved. It is fast paced and kept me on the edge of my seat. The characters barely got a chance to breathe with all the action and the slower paced sections gave depth to the characters. As a plot driven reader, I enjoyed that the action was the focus and the romance was more of an afterthought. The romance was there but it wasn’t the focus. I would have liked to have seen Dani struggle more with her trust of men after her experiences but then it might have become the focus and I liked it the way Lynette Eason did it.

No One to Trust – Book Review

The last year of Summer Abernathy’s life is a lie. She wakes up one morning with a gun in her face and men in her bedroom who tell her husband is actually David Hackett not Kyle Abernathy and they want the laptop and flash drive he stole.

David Hackett has been in the witness protection program for over a year. Three weeks before he’s scheduled to witness at a murder trial, the people who want to get the laptop he stole find him.

David and Summer have to rely on the US Marshalls to keep them safe until the trial and until David can hand over the laptop and flash drive to the authorities to put a mob boss behind bars. Summer also has to decide if she can trust and love her husband whom she didn’t know at all.

David and Summer’s story hooked me right away. I was wanting to know who was after David (Kyle at the time) when he was on a call. I also wanted to know how Summer would deal with finding out her husband wasn’t Kyle but rather David. I was constantly wondering how David and Summer were going to get away. Also, I was never really sure who was on the flash drive. Sometimes I would forget that was even part of the story because I was so entrenched in David and Summer’s story and wanting them to survive.

Those who like more of the romance side of the romantic suspense genre may be disappointed with this book. It is not as strong as it is in other books of this genre. It’s hard to be romantic when you found out your husband is not who you thought he was and your running away from a mob boss and his goons.

This book was focused more on the suspense and fighting to stay alive as opposed to the romance but it was still there because David and Summer had to work through the lie of David’s identity. I think those who like romantic suspense will like this book but those who are not particularly fond of romance, at least where two characters fall in love in a short amount of time, may like this book as well as the romance is between a married couple and it’s not super strong in the book.