Author Denise Hunter

On the beautiful island of Nantucket, salt and roses scent the air, waves sparkle over hidden currents, and a storm-tossed soul seeks safe harbor.

When Samantha Owen’s estranged stepfather dies, she inherits his cottage in Nantucket–a place she left years ago, never planning to return. As a single mom, Sam can’t afford to pass up on a financial windfall like ocean-front property. So she travels home to fix up the house and sell it . . . never suspecting that Landon Reed still lives two doors down. As their long-dormant romance begins to bud again, Sam must face the fact that Landon still doesn’t know why she left the island. Will the secrets she’s hidden all these years tear them apart . . . or is Landon’s love really as unconditional as he claims?

Denise Hunter weaves a heart-tugging tale of shattered trust and enduring love . . . all in a romantic seaside setting.

Here is another interview (email style) that I had the privilege to do. Denise Hunter writes mainly Christian romance and I asked her the same questions as the other interviews.

Would you recommend an aspiring author to get some kind of formal training?

Denise Hunter: Formal training really isn’t necessary. You definitely want to learn about writing, but that can be accomplished with books, conferences, workshops, and critique partners.

How often and how long would you recommend a starting author to write?

Denise Hunter: However much time the writer has. But it should be regular. I only wrote during my boys’ nap times when they were little. The important thing is to set a goal – no matter how small – and stick to it.

What do you do when you have writer’s block?

Denise Hunter: I’ve never had writers block. Sometimes I get stuck in a story and I don’t WANT to write, but I just keep at it until. I figure out what happens next.

How long does it take you to write a book?

Denise Hunter: From Chapter one until The END, 4 months. Then another month for rewrites.

How often do you publish a book?

Denise Hunter: Currently I’m publishing 1 book and 1 novella every 9 months.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Denise Hunter: Romantic books and movies, and compelling songs.

How do/did you build your voice/brand as an author?

Denise Hunter: I just wrote the books I wanted to read and let the rest happen. I’m a die-hard romantic, so I’ve stayed in the romance genre. I like emotional, evocative reads, so that’s what I write. The voice takes time and develops as you grow and gain confidence in your writing.

How often do you edit/rewrite before you believe your manuscript is read for publishing?

Denise Hunter: I do a total of 6 drafts before my editor gets hold of it. 🙂

Do you do any of your own marketing for your books and if yes, what do what do?

Denise Hunter: Oh, yes. It’s expected these days. I’m active on Facebook and Twitter, I place Facebook ads, guest post on blogs, do my own blog, etc.

How did you know you wanted to be an author?

Denise Hunter: I wondered for years if I could write a book, but I kept putting it on the back burner. My grandpa’s death inspired me to get going, and now here I am, 20 plus books later. I never dreamed what wonderful things God had in store.

For those of you who wish to find out more about Denise Hunter or want to check out her books, you can visit her website

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Reading Emotions

Libraries are wonderful things. You meet all sorts of people and get to see what kind of books out there. It is also a wonderful place to get inspiration for writing. If you stay a while in the library you get to see what kind of books people like to take out and what kinds of people take out certain books. It’s also full of research material that you can use for the research for your writing.

I love books! Whether I’m reading them or writing them, I love them and I don’t know if I could live without them. You can learn so much from non-fiction books. They contain a plethora of knowledge that is available at your fingertips. And who doesn’t love getting swept up by a novel? Okay, not everyone does but I sure do! Through a good novel, I can travel the world and experience things I wouldn’t normally get to experience. I love getting swept up into a story where I feel what the characters are feeling. In a way I get to live vicariously through the characters of novels as well as through the characters I create.

For me, that is what makes a good novel. When I get carried away and feel what the main characters are feeling. If I am feeling along with the characters, the author has done their job. This is what I try to do with my novels. I try to write my characters and the story in a realistic way that will draw the reader into their story and their lives. Writing fiction is all about drawing the reader’s into the story that is being played out in front of them.

In a way a good author plays on the emotions of the reader and maybe this is why females are more likely to read books. I’ve been wondering this recently; why do adolescent/teen boys not read very much? From working in a library, I do not see many adolescent/teen boys come in to take out books. Oftentimes when they do come in it’s because their family comes in or they come to use the computers; occasionally they come to take out movies but even then it’s not very often. I started wondering why that was a few weeks ago and how one could get adolescent/teen boys reading again.

Now I may have my answer. Typically, guys do not like emotions and do not like to talk about them. Books, at least novels, tend to play on the reader’s emotions and maybe that’s why when boys get older they do not read as much. They do not read fiction because they look at the story too critically and without emotion so they don’t find the story interesting.

However, people often forget about non-fiction books. There are non-fiction books about almost anything and you can read them at whatever pace you like. Maybe what needs to happen is for someone to focus on writing for adolescent/teen boys but find out what they would like to read and write about that. In my opinion someone should figure out a way to get adolescent/teen boys to read as well as girls. This may end up being me or someone else.

As a proverb says, “Those who do not read are no better off than those who cannot.”

Novel Getting Published

Last December, I received inspiration for a book idea and I got really excited for it. I started writing the book almost as soon as I got the idea. However, I was still in college at the time so my progress on the book slowed down because of assignments and everything that comes along with school. There were times when weeks would go by without writing a single sentence. I got a little discouraged because of this but I didn’t let it stop me from continuing the book once the school year was done in April.

The first few weeks after school ended, I didn’t have a job so I had lots of spare time. I used my free time to write and write and write some more. When I finally got a job and was scheduled to start at the end of August, it gave me motivation to try to finish writing the book before I started. I didn’t quite make it but I finished shortly after starting work.

I wanted the book to be good so I decided to email my transcript to a couple of my friends to have them read it and give me feedback. At first I didn’t think about getting it published but I still wanted it to be good. I’m still waiting on them to give me feedback on it but I know that they have other lives and they’re probably busy.

A few weeks ago, one of the bloggers that I follow, who is also a writer, wrote a post about self-publishing. He wrote about this one website that he uses to get his books published and it sparked me to self-publish my books. His blog is I would recommend reading his blog for anyone who is interested in writing.

I am hoping to get my book completely finished by the end of September, regardless of whether my friends give me their feedback or not. I hope I do get their feedback before publishing, though. I will post more about my book in the weeks ahead.