Why Your Weirdness is Wonderful – Book Review

What makes us unique from others may seem weird to us but God may want to work through those quirks. Laurie Wallin, a Life Coach, writer and speaker, focuses on helping people discover what make them different from other people and embrace their “weirdness” in her book Why Your Weirdness is Wonderful. She talks about how strengths have a dark side as well and people have to be aware of them to better serve God with the strengths He has given them.

This book is a short read with short chapters. There are questions at the end of each chapter to get the reader thinking and discovering their strengths but also how they can use them. I liked that Wallin used examples from her life as well as from the lives of people she knows as it gives something for the reader to hold onto and helps explain what Wallin is trying to say.

I found the book is a little forgettable as it’s not that different from other strength finder/spiritual gifts books out there. I finished the book yesterday and I found that I remember the overall message Wallin was trying to get across but I forgot many of the finer details as well as some of the things she was wanting me to put into practice. However, I did enjoy that she used the words “weirdness” and “quirkiness” because it seemed like something I could relate to more. It also acknowledged that some of my strengths might be what I would consider weird in myself.

Overall, I enjoyed the book and would recommend the book for those who see their weirdness as weaknesses. With the wording Wallin uses, it could really appeal to people who think of themselves as weird and struggle seeing their strengths.

Book Review – Shadows of the Past

Patricia Bradley
Shadows of the Past
Logan Point series, book 1
Revell, 2014

Taylor Martin is a teacher of criminal psychology at a small university and helps law enforcement profile cases. She starts receiving threatening notes along with other things, indicating that someone wants to kill her. She returns home to Logan Point to search for her father who disappeared twenty years ago. Her stalker follows her home and the shadows of the past come to haunt her.

Nick Sinclair is a mystery writer whose wife died two and a half years ago after a mugging gone wrong. His path crosses with Taylor’s and he tries to clear the name of his younger brother who Taylor suspects is her stalker. Sparks fly between them and they both have to put their pasts behind them to let themselves love again. They have to work together to find Taylor’s stalker.

Patricia Bradley hooked me in from the beginning. The book starts with introducing us to Taylor’s stalker while she is at a crime scene and gets the reader questioning who it could be even though Taylor feels like she knows who it is. As the story went on, I suspected more and more people of being her stalker and questioned little things that were in the story that I felt were going to come back in play. I was left questioning for most of the book and it took me longer than usual to figure out who was the stalker. The writing style also drew me into the book and made me feel along with the characters. I felt the suspense and fear in the characters and I also felt the romantic tension between Nick and Taylor.

I felt like the faith theme was almost thrown into the story as an afterthought. It’s not strong in the book which will resonate with some readers. However, there are some scenes with faith that seemed thrown in as if the writer thought, “Oh, yeah, there should be something with faith in the book.” I don’t know if Bradley actually thought this way but that’s the way it felt to me.

I think readers of romantic suspense will enjoy this book for the suspense of Taylor’s stalker but also the sparks that fly between Nick and Taylor. Readers will also wonder what actually happened to Taylor’s father when he disappeared.

Local Attention for Writing

GE DIGITAL CAMERAIn my last post, I talked about my last couple of weeks and how many things I’ve had going on. These past few weeks have also been a little crazy as far as my writing goes.

I have been getting a lot of attention (at least from my standpoint) about my book and the fact I wrote a book. Someone I know had come into the library about a month ago and talked about the book I wrote. Prior to this, I hadn’t told the people I work with about my book. Since the head librarian found out about my book, I finally got the courage to “donate” my book to the local library.

The library bought a second copy of my book this past week to set up a “display”.

This past week, the reeve (similar to a mayor) of our Rural Municipality (similar to a county in the States) came to the library and my boss mentioned to him about me writing a book. He was very excited about it and talked about it to one of his staff. Later in the week, he came in again and took some photos of me with my book. The next day, the staff he talked to about the book, phoned me at work and I participated in my first interview.

That was yesterday. Today, they posted the article. Read the Article Here.

It feels a little weird to be getting so much attention. I’m not sure if I like it yet but I know I might get used to it. I’ve never been one to like being in the spotlight so when I don’t know what to do with the attention. Maybe I’ll get used to it, although I don’t think I will ever get completely used to it.

Reading Emotions

Libraries are wonderful things. You meet all sorts of people and get to see what kind of books out there. It is also a wonderful place to get inspiration for writing. If you stay a while in the library you get to see what kind of books people like to take out and what kinds of people take out certain books. It’s also full of research material that you can use for the research for your writing.

I love books! Whether I’m reading them or writing them, I love them and I don’t know if I could live without them. You can learn so much from non-fiction books. They contain a plethora of knowledge that is available at your fingertips. And who doesn’t love getting swept up by a novel? Okay, not everyone does but I sure do! Through a good novel, I can travel the world and experience things I wouldn’t normally get to experience. I love getting swept up into a story where I feel what the characters are feeling. In a way I get to live vicariously through the characters of novels as well as through the characters I create.

For me, that is what makes a good novel. When I get carried away and feel what the main characters are feeling. If I am feeling along with the characters, the author has done their job. This is what I try to do with my novels. I try to write my characters and the story in a realistic way that will draw the reader into their story and their lives. Writing fiction is all about drawing the reader’s into the story that is being played out in front of them.

In a way a good author plays on the emotions of the reader and maybe this is why females are more likely to read books. I’ve been wondering this recently; why do adolescent/teen boys not read very much? From working in a library, I do not see many adolescent/teen boys come in to take out books. Oftentimes when they do come in it’s because their family comes in or they come to use the computers; occasionally they come to take out movies but even then it’s not very often. I started wondering why that was a few weeks ago and how one could get adolescent/teen boys reading again.

Now I may have my answer. Typically, guys do not like emotions and do not like to talk about them. Books, at least novels, tend to play on the reader’s emotions and maybe that’s why when boys get older they do not read as much. They do not read fiction because they look at the story too critically and without emotion so they don’t find the story interesting.

However, people often forget about non-fiction books. There are non-fiction books about almost anything and you can read them at whatever pace you like. Maybe what needs to happen is for someone to focus on writing for adolescent/teen boys but find out what they would like to read and write about that. In my opinion someone should figure out a way to get adolescent/teen boys to read as well as girls. This may end up being me or someone else.

As a proverb says, “Those who do not read are no better off than those who cannot.”

Love Unrealized Published!

Today my book Love Unrealized is published. You can now buy it from Amazon as well as their kindle site. The links to Love Unrealized are as follows:
Love Unrealized paperback on Amazon.com.
Kindle version on Amazon.com.
It can also be found on Amazon Europe.
Kindle version on amazon.co.uk
Kindle version on amazon.de
Kindle version on amazon.fr
Kindle version on amazon.it
Kindle version on amazon.es
Unfortunately, it cannot be found on Amazon.ca which is the Canadian amazon which is where I’m from.

This is my first book that has been published and I’m excited about it, yet I know that it won’t necessarily be successful. I really wish it would be successful but I know that I have to keep the mindset of humility and know that not everyone will love my book but I hope that there will be some who do.

The book is special to me aside from it being my first published book. The inspiration for the story was my own life. It is more symbolic of my life than being factual. The main character though, does struggle with some of the same things that I struggle with. A lot of the symbolism in the book, may not be obvious and I may be the only one who gets all the symbolism behind everything unless I explain it but that is okay. I hope this story inspires people and may help people who have low self-esteem who will be able to feel along with Alexa, the main character.

Release Date!

I now have a release date for my book. My book Love Unrealized will be released on Wednesday, September 12. It will be my first book release and I hope there will be many more to come. As it is my first book release, I am getting really excited and almost impatient to finish my book. Now that I have a date, though, I know I will have to get it done by then but the challenge will more be when I finish my book and the date hasn’t come yet. I hope all of you are getting excited to.