Why I write books

After releasing a new book, people often ask how it’s selling. I never know exactly how to answer that question as I don’t generally pay much attention to how many books I’ve sold unless I have a bunch of copies sitting around my place. Where I self-publish my books, I don’t have a set number I have to order because they print them as needed so I don’t often have a bunch sitting around. This usually brings to mind why I write books and why I publish.

I don’t write for fame

I know I’ll never be a best-selling author and I don’t want to be. I usually get uncomfortable when people give me compliments and when I’m the center of attention. It would also be a lot of pressure to stay a best-seller.

I don’t write to make a living

Despite what some people may think, it is very hard to make a living writing books. The majority of authors out there have other jobs, are in the retirement stage of life, have a spouse or someone else who is helping support them, or they struggle to get by financially. I have no illusions that being an author is a viable way of supporting myself. Also, I don’t think I would enjoy writing as much if I had to eke out a living doing it. It would take the joy out of it for me.

I write for me

I write novels based off of my life, things I’m passionate about, things I see in culture that frustrate me, and other things that inspire me to write. It’s one of the reasons why if you read my books, they are diverse in their storylines. Each of my books has a piece of me in it. I don’t write traditional happy endings because that’s not the way life typically works but I try to leave them at a slightly hopeful ending. I write to express myself, my thoughts, my ideas, and in the process, I learn something new about myself or see something in a different way.

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The Story Behind My Book

I’ve been reticent to make this known but Gasping for Air is based on true events. Back in 2014, my second youngest brother drowned while at the beach with friends. Some sections are closer to the true story than others. Some things were simplified, others were changed to make for a better story, and some things were omitted because of other reasons.

The opening line, “When I die, just bury me in a cardboard box” was something my brother actually said two days before he died and I’ll never forget it.

Ironically, the day he died I had gone to the Post Office and picked up a box of copies of my novel Breaking Free which had been released a little over a month prior.

Writing this novel was therapeutic for me in a way and it helped spark my creative juices again in regards to writing. I tried starting on my next novel several months after he died but I couldn’t concentrate and had no motivation to do it.

When I got the idea for this novel, it was going to be about a young woman who loses her brother but it wasn’t originally going to be so closely tied to my story. After my brother died, I realized there wasn’t much out there in fiction and non-fiction related to losing a sibling, especially in young adulthood. There is a lot out there about a parent losing a child and vice versa but not about losing a sibling. I would find the occasional book that mentioned a child losing a sibling or an adult in the late stages of life losing a sibling but nothing in between.

The grief one faces after losing a sibling is often unrecognized or overlooked as everyone focuses on the parents and the spouse and children if they have them.

This book was my way of being heard and giving voice to the grief I faced during that time.

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Please click on the following link to read the first several chapters of Gasping for Air.
Gasping for Air excerpt

Gasping for Air is available on Amazon

Gasping for Air is now released and available on Amazon. Click the links below to get to the book’s Amazon pages. The book is also available on Amazon in other countries so feel free to look it up.

Amazon Canada
Kindle Canada

Read below for description.

My name is Anne Lily Duke, a young woman in her early twenties, and this is my story. Tragedy struck my family one summer and I struggled to keep my head above water through the grief and feeling like I got lost in the shuffle of my family. God ignored my pleas, leaving me gasping for air. It’s not a happy story and I can’t guarantee a happy ending but nevertheless this is my story.

Gasping for Air Cover Reveal

In three weeks, my new book will be released on Amazon. I’m getting really excited about it as I believe this is my best written book thus far. And yet I’m quite nervous about it as it contains a lot of myself in it. It’s terrifying to open myself up to possible criticism but I’m still excited about it if for no other reason than I completed it. I started it two years ago and it’s finally finished after many stops and starts, doubts and fears.

As a bonus and maybe something to get you excited as well, I’m sharing the cover for the new book. Let me know what you think!

My attempt to market and an update on the new book

I was reminded recently of how little I talk about my writing. Most people in my life currently have no idea that I’ve self-published three books because I often purposely don’t bring it up and the last book I wrote, I finished about four years ago.

However, that’s about to change – at least the writing part. I’m still not that comfortable with talking about it. I still plan to release my new book in about a month and a half. I’m in the finishing stages and hope I can keep to the timeline I set for myself a year ago.

But as you’re waiting, here are the links to the Amazon.ca links to the books I’ve published so far, if you want to buy a copy.

Quietly Making an Impact

Learn about Calvin Dueck’s life and his impact on people through this memoir filled with quotes, images, and stories. His life was cut short at the age of 19 on August 9, 2014 and it became evident just how big his sphere of influence was. Contains color photographs.

Get it in Colour or Black & White

Breaking Free

Johnny Cardinal grows up detesting white people. They condemn him because of his skin color. He succumbs to the circumstances he has no control over and becomes what they thought he was. His only regret – the disappointment in his mother’s eyes and missing his siblings’ lives. Eric Thompson grows up affluent but desires the love his parents fail to give him. He makes mistakes trying to get it and entraps himself with his mistakes. His lackluster marriage is on the brink of death and it’s all his fault. Their lives entwine when one man’s survival becomes another man’s charity case. But who is the one needing the charity?

Get it here.

Love Unrealized

Alexa doesn’t feel loved. She feels like she will always be alone. Angelo enters her life and he gives her an escape from her feelings of loneliness. He seems like the perfect man for her. But she keeps a secret from him. She’s a princess! Can she keep both her family and Angelo? Will she finally feel loved?

Get it here.

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I will be hosting a giveaway on Goodreads for my novel, Breaking Free released on July 1, 2014. The giveaway runs from August 1 until September 30. It is open to both the United States and Canada. I will be giving away one copy and depending on the interest and amount of entries, I may give away more copies in the future.

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I would also appreciate it if people would review my books after they read them.

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Breaking Free by Angela Suzanne

Breaking Free

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