Negative Reviews

I have only ever received one review from someone who doesn’t know me personally and it happens to be the only one out there for people to see.

My last fiction book that I wrote before Gasping for Air was Breaking Free. I did a giveaway on Goodreads, a site where people can keep track of books they have read, want to read, or are currently reading. They can also rate and review books. With their giveaways, people can enter a giveaway for books they might like and it is strongly suggested that the winner writes a review on it.

At the end of my giveaway for Breaking Free, I got an email with the winner’s name and address and I mailed them a copy of my book.

When I went back several months later to see if they had posted a review, any confidence I had in my writing was shattered. It didn’t help matters that I was still in a fragile emotional state from my brother’s death less than a year before and that I knew there was truth to what the reader said.

I received this book free from the Goodreads Giveaway page.

I could not get through this book. The writing is not for me.

First, I will mention in the prologue what really struck me as odd. Page 2 from the book: ‘”You ripped my brother off! He gave you more money than you deserved, you little…” an expletive came out of his mouth and his eyes narrowed in slits.’
Seriously? … Dot, dot, dot? Is it forbidden to type any “expletive”?

The next thing about the writing is that every other sentence and paragraph is “Johnny this, Johnny that”. I can’t get through reading something this way. For example (opening to any random page in the book), “Johnny paced the room. There had to be a reason but Johnny had no idea what it was. Maybe the guards wanted some fun and brought him here to show their superiority. A sound at the door stopped Johnny in his tracks.” and MORE!!! Ugh, this kind of writing just kills me.

I could not even get through Chapter 2. I scanned other pages and it is all written the same way. Sorry, not for me.

This is still the only review out there for people to see and it took me a long time before I was able to write again after reading it. After my brother’s death, I was already struggling with motivation to write so it wasn’t completely the fault of this review.

I hope my writing has improved since and my readers will make their opinions on it.

Have you ever received a negative review on something you’ve done whether the review was posted or someone said it to your face? How did you react?

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