Gasping for Air Cover Reveal

In three weeks, my new book will be released on Amazon. I’m getting really excited about it as I believe this is my best written book thus far. And yet I’m quite nervous about it as it contains a lot of myself in it. It’s terrifying to open myself up to possible criticism but I’m still excited about it if for no other reason than I completed it. I started it two years ago and it’s finally finished after many stops and starts, doubts and fears.

As a bonus and maybe something to get you excited as well, I’m sharing the cover for the new book. Let me know what you think!

2 comments on “Gasping for Air Cover Reveal

  1. Noel says:

    Nice! How did you go about publishing this book ? I have been wanting to write a book as well. What is your book about?

    • Angela Dueck says:

      I’m using the Kindle Direct Publishing to publish this book. There’s an option to go through a step by step process and they’ll assign you an ISBN for your book. You can also create covers using their cover creator.

      This book is about a young woman who loses a brother and it follows her through the week after his death and a few other points in the year after where she grieves and struggles with feeling like the forgotten daughter.

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