We All Have Struggles

This past week has been a hard week emotionally and mentally. Scabs have been ripped off, wounds I didn’t know existed have opened up, doubts and insecurities have wiggled their way in, frustrations over  some health things have continued to grow. And of course because of all that, it’s that much easier to be frustrated by other things. I won’t go into details on them but it hasn’t been an easy week for me.

Sometimes it’s hard to see all the good in other people’s lives because we often focus a lot on the negative things in our lives. We see the bad in our lives and the good in others’ lives. We feel like we’re alone in our struggles because we don’t want to share them with others.

I’ve been like this for so much of my life. I don’t like sharing the struggles in my life with other people and I know there are lots of people out there who are the same way. We all have struggles in our lives, they just vary in their visibility.


One comment on “We All Have Struggles

  1. Externally, I think I look pretty good so sometimes I’m afraid people think I have it all together and feel judged by me. True, I’ve been blessed with a good life. But people might be surprised to know that I’m on antidepressants, or that I’ve had more than one addiction in the past. Not one of us is ‘all right’.
    On the flip side, I’ve found healing and freedom in confessing my sins and my struggles. I hope you can find someone trustworthy, and can open up to them.

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