Leaving Our Fears Behind

“Do what is right and do not give way to fear.”

The above phrase was continuously repeated in a book I recently read. It comes from the Bible in 1 Peter 3:6 and it is very hard to live out.

How often do we give way to fear?

We fear being rejected, so we do things we know we shouldn’t or do nothing at all. We fear getting old, so we spend lots of money trying to look young and stay young. We fear being taken advantage of, so we try to control everyone and push others around. We fear being vulnerable, so we overcompensate and act “tough”.

How much of what we do is motivated by fear?

Fear isn’t necessarily a bad thing, however. It keeps us from approaching bears, touching a hot stove jumping from a plane without a parachute, etc.

There is good fear and there is bad fear. When the bad fear takes over our lives, we hurt others and ourselves.

How many times have we lashed out at others because we were scared of something?

Often, when people are asked what they’re scared of, they say things like the dark, spiders, heights, snakes, crowds, public speaking, etc. But how often do people say things like the unknown, being rejected, being unloved, failure, ending up alone, etc? You don’t hear people that they’re scared of these types of things but everyone is. If you were to look at someone’s life or even your own, you could probably think of numerous examples of one or more of these fears motivating some kind of action or lack of action. I know I can think of too many to count in my own life.

What would happen if we let go of these fears? What would our lives look like if we were motivated by doing what was right instead of our fears?


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