Dreams vs Reality

Everyone has dreams. It’s part of what makes us human and hopeful for the future. But what happens when our dreams meet reality?

Since I was a little girl, I’ve had three major dreams – two I’ve pretty much given up on because of the reality I’m faced with, and 1/4 of the other dream died this past summer. I’ve been left wondering if I have any dreams anymore and if it’s even worth making dreams if reality always seems to be against them.

How many dreams live in spite of the reality that those dreams are born in? Does the hope brought out by having dreams outweigh the devastation when dreams are shattered?

Oftentimes reality gets in the way of making dreams for me. I like to consider myself a practical and logical person and whenever I think about future plans my brain rules things out because they’re not practical, logical, or realistic.

At one point, a few years ago, I considered working in an orphanage. However, that hasn’t come to fruition and probably never will because it’s not realistic for me to do some of the things to get that far.

I dislike when people ask me what my dreams are because I honestly don’t know. Maybe one day I’ll have dreams but it will have to be in the realm of reality and I’m not sure how that works. I see my reality which currently doesn’t foster dreams.

In the battle of dreams vs. reality, reality is currently winning.

The biggest dream that I have right now would be to impact at least one person’s life for the better but that dream is very hard to know if it was ever achieved so I’ll never know how it fared in the battle between the dream and reality.

What are your dreams? How do they fair against the reality that you live in?

P.S. This year I hope to be more consistent in posting to this blog. I plan to post every Sunday so for those of you who still read my blog, keep me accountable.

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