The Desire – Book Review

For two years, Allen and Michele have been trying to have a baby. For Michele, it has become an obsession. But Allen seems content to spend his time–and their money–saving orphans in Africa. As Michele researches their options for fertility treatments, she begins to resent Allen’s divided attention. And yet, God has a plan for Allen and Michele that they could never have imagined. All it takes to set it in motion is a change of heart . . .

I enjoyed the overall story, although I did find it a little difficult to get into because it didn’t have as much description as I’m used to in other books I read. I also had a hard time picturing the characters because there wasn’t much description on what they looked like. I was expecting the book to have more romance in it because of it being about a couple who struggled with infertility but the only romance between the couple really was them holding hands and occasionally it said they kissed but that was it. The Desire is a story that focuses a lot on trusting God in every circumstance.


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