Overwhelming Things To Do

Sorry about my lack of blogging except for book reviews lately. I went back over the last few posts I’ve written and aside from a quick writing update post on March 2, I haven’t posted anything except book reviews since February 12. That was a month and a half ago.

It’s not that I haven’t thought of things to write, it’s just that I haven’t sat down and actually wrote anything. I’ve thought about writing a post about how I need to move away from the community I grew up in or about how I was the forgotten one when I was growing up and still sometimes am. Maybe one day I will write about those things but right now I want to talk about what I’ve been doing.

The past week or so, I’ve felt overwhelmed with all the things I need to do and my past was continuously poking its ugly head in my thoughts.

I’m in the final stretch of my second semester of my library technician program so there are assignments to be done. Also, at the end of April I will be working in a library for two weeks for my program. With the coming summer months off, I am also having to arrange work so I can make money to help pay tuition for the second year of my program.

On top of assignments, I also have personal projects that I’m working on. Over the past year and a half, I have been compiling information for a genealogy of my paternal great-grandfather’s descendants. A member from each branch of the genealogy has been sending me information for their branch and I’m in charge of putting it all together. The other day I received the branch of the eldest son of my great-grandfather so it’s a big family and I have yet to input the information.

Then there’s also an NHL (National Hockey League) playoff pool my family does every year that I’m the moderator of. It doesn’t start for a few weeks but I’m thinking of changing some rules and the point system so I have to finalize those before the pool starts.

Another thing I have on my plate is reviewing books for publishers. That is where the book reviews that I’ve posted on here come from. There have also been many novellas that I’ve reviewed that I haven’t posted on here. I currently have agreed to review another eleven books. Some of them have dates that they want the reviews by but they all have expiry dates from when I download them from NetGalley. So I’ve been trying to read and review one book a week to keep up with them.

Unfortunately, my writing gets pushed to the bottom of the list of things I need to do so I haven’t done any editing on my manuscript in a while. This has got me wondering if I should even be writing at all. It makes me question whether I have what it takes to be a writer even if only part-time. That is one question I’ll have to contemplate more once I’m finished with my manuscript and have time to take a break.

Well, I think that’s enough of an update for now. I’ll try not to let my writing (with my manuscript and my blogging) get too far behind but I can’t guarantee anything.

For those of you who still follow my blog and read my posts, thank you. I appreciate it and hope you’ll continue to put up with my sporadic posting.


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