A Heart’s Rebellion – Book Review

Jessamine Barry, the daughter of a vicar, comes out to London from the countryside to take part in her coming out. She experienced heartbreak and wants to know she is desirable to gentlemen. She meets Lancelot Marfleet, the second son of a baronet and a vicar himself. He starts showing an interest in her but rejects his advances. She gets involved with a man with a questionable reputation and by the time she realizes it, it may be too late to return the interest of Lancelot.

It took me a long time to get into the book because for the first half or more I did not like Jessamine. I found her to be immature, childish and self-centered. She only cared about herself and I thought Lancelot should’ve given up on her, especially with the way she treated him. She was still pining after a man who was married and was now expecting a child with his wife and then she resolved to break other men’s hearts because she had hers broken. How she behaved and thought made me not like her. However, towards the end of the book when she faced disgrace, I felt compassion towards her and felt myself starting to like her a little bit.

I also didn’t like the whole “coming out” thing but I know that this was how it was done back in the time period the book was set in. I felt like the girls were just prizes to be won and I’m glad they don’t still do it today.

Because the book is based in a historical setting (London 1815), I had to look up some of the words because I wasn’t familiar with them so someone who doesn’t like historical fiction may not understand it or want to take the time to learn what the words mean. But for those who like historical fiction, they may like this book and it is meant to be a romance novel so stay away from it if you don’t like romance.


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