Writing Update

I have been slack in my writing these past two months of the year, after finishing the first draft of my new novel on the first day of the year. I could say it’s because the start of the second semester of my library technician program. Or it’s because I’m waiting for feedback on my manuscript from a couple of people. These play into why I haven’t done a lot of work on editing my manuscript but the main reason is I don’t like editing.

I’ve never liked editing. I often don’t edit my assignments because at that point I wanted to just be done with the assignment. It’s somewhat similar with my books but I want to take more time so they are at a better quality. My readers deserve it. But it doesn’t make me like editing and revising any better.

I can tell you that it will be a slow process because I want to do it right but I have started. I hope to get the book released sometime during the summer.

Update You may have noticed some of the book reviews I’ve done on here. This year, I signed up for NetGalley where I request and receive advance copies of books from publishers in exchange for reviews. So occasionally, I will be posting book reviews on here. You can sign up for NetGalley as well by visiting the site at netgalley.com.


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