Why Your Weirdness is Wonderful – Book Review

What makes us unique from others may seem weird to us but God may want to work through those quirks. Laurie Wallin, a Life Coach, writer and speaker, focuses on helping people discover what make them different from other people and embrace their “weirdness” in her book Why Your Weirdness is Wonderful. She talks about how strengths have a dark side as well and people have to be aware of them to better serve God with the strengths He has given them.

This book is a short read with short chapters. There are questions at the end of each chapter to get the reader thinking and discovering their strengths but also how they can use them. I liked that Wallin used examples from her life as well as from the lives of people she knows as it gives something for the reader to hold onto and helps explain what Wallin is trying to say.

I found the book is a little forgettable as it’s not that different from other strength finder/spiritual gifts books out there. I finished the book yesterday and I found that I remember the overall message Wallin was trying to get across but I forgot many of the finer details as well as some of the things she was wanting me to put into practice. However, I did enjoy that she used the words “weirdness” and “quirkiness” because it seemed like something I could relate to more. It also acknowledged that some of my strengths might be what I would consider weird in myself.

Overall, I enjoyed the book and would recommend the book for those who see their weirdness as weaknesses. With the wording Wallin uses, it could really appeal to people who think of themselves as weird and struggle seeing their strengths.


3 comments on “Why Your Weirdness is Wonderful – Book Review

  1. Noel says:

    Thanks for the recommendation. Being different can actually be a blessing.

  2. Thank you for the review, Angela. Your feedback is great! I’m working on the study guide now, and looking forward to incorporating what you said.

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