Book Review – Shadows of the Past

Patricia Bradley
Shadows of the Past
Logan Point series, book 1
Revell, 2014

Taylor Martin is a teacher of criminal psychology at a small university and helps law enforcement profile cases. She starts receiving threatening notes along with other things, indicating that someone wants to kill her. She returns home to Logan Point to search for her father who disappeared twenty years ago. Her stalker follows her home and the shadows of the past come to haunt her.

Nick Sinclair is a mystery writer whose wife died two and a half years ago after a mugging gone wrong. His path crosses with Taylor’s and he tries to clear the name of his younger brother who Taylor suspects is her stalker. Sparks fly between them and they both have to put their pasts behind them to let themselves love again. They have to work together to find Taylor’s stalker.

Patricia Bradley hooked me in from the beginning. The book starts with introducing us to Taylor’s stalker while she is at a crime scene and gets the reader questioning who it could be even though Taylor feels like she knows who it is. As the story went on, I suspected more and more people of being her stalker and questioned little things that were in the story that I felt were going to come back in play. I was left questioning for most of the book and it took me longer than usual to figure out who was the stalker. The writing style also drew me into the book and made me feel along with the characters. I felt the suspense and fear in the characters and I also felt the romantic tension between Nick and Taylor.

I felt like the faith theme was almost thrown into the story as an afterthought. It’s not strong in the book which will resonate with some readers. However, there are some scenes with faith that seemed thrown in as if the writer thought, “Oh, yeah, there should be something with faith in the book.” I don’t know if Bradley actually thought this way but that’s the way it felt to me.

I think readers of romantic suspense will enjoy this book for the suspense of Taylor’s stalker but also the sparks that fly between Nick and Taylor. Readers will also wonder what actually happened to Taylor’s father when he disappeared.


4 comments on “Book Review – Shadows of the Past

  1. Gede Prama says:

    Thank you my friend, I am proud to be able to read the writing on your article!

  2. mynovelreviews1 says:

    Might read it. 🙂

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