I Have an Aversion to Doctors

I have an aversion to doctors. I’m not entirely sure why, but I do. I don’t like doctors.

Maybe it’s because I had to go quite often when I was a kid. I got bit by a skunk and had to go to get shots many times. I also had to go many times because I had tonsillitis and strep throat several times in one year.

Maybe it’s because the last how many times, they haven’t helped anything.

Past Ten Years of Visiting the Doctor

The last time I went to a doctor and it actually helped something was when I had my jaw surgery which was almost eight years ago. However, after my surgery, I was throwing up blood, swollen for a long time, had to stay in the hospital overnight and could hardly eat anything for a week. So, it wasn’t all that positive of an experience. The hospital visit before that, I fainted during a blood test.

The next visit after my surgery was for an ear infection and got a prescription for it. The pills I got, gave me a rash and had to stop taking the pills.

Oh yeah, and the time before my surgery, I went to the doctor a month after fracturing my toes, only for them to tell me my toes were fractured, which I had already gathered but they couldn’t do anything about it. The reason I went only a month after injuring them was because my dad didn’t believe me that they were fractured and told me to wait a month before going to the doctor.

Throughout my high school years, I had trouble with pain in my knees. I went to the doctor three times because of this, for them to hopefully figure out what was wrong with them but they never did. I also had one doctor tell me that the pain in my knees was probably just growing pains. This annoyed me because the pain started happening after I stopped growing and the pain had gotten progressively worse over several years, so by the time I went to the doctor, I had the pain everyday and sometimes made it hard to sleep.

I injured my big toes a little over two years ago while playing soccer barefoot. At first the pain wasn’t too bad so I figured the pain would go away. A few days later, I played soccer again, but this time I wore my shoes. After the game, my toes hurt a lot worse than before and I limped for a couple of days which for me, says something because I don’t limp if possible. It was the weekend when I was limping so I didn’t see a doctor those first few days but I did go see a doctor about them early the next week. Yeah, he didn’t do anything or even find out what was wrong with them and they still bother me so obviously something was/is wrong with them.

So, that summarizes my last ten doctor visits in the last ten years. I haven’t been to the doctor, since a little over two years ago.

My Need to Visit the Doctor

I’ve read that some people don’t go to the doctor because they don’t think the doctor will believe them. Maybe this is why I don’t go often and don’t like to go. I don’t believe they will help me because they haven’t in so long.

With some research I’ve done on some symptoms I have, I think I may have an illness that will affect my ability to have children and could lead to a whole bunch of other complications. I find it interesting how the prospect of struggling with infertility motivates me more than the fear of death to get over my aversion to doctors.

I know I need to go to the doctor but I’ll see if I can actually push past my aversion to doctors and actually go visit one and see if they can actually help me with my symptoms and find out what’s behind them.



One comment on “I Have an Aversion to Doctors

  1. Johnny Ojanpera says:

    I have a list of grievances against doctors too. I usually have to be persuaded by my other half before I’ll go. I’m always fine when I get there though. 🙂

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