Never Know You

I heard this song today and I felt like it reflects well with how I am sometimes. I know other people could relate to this song as well and decided to share it with you.

“Never Know You” by Jonny Diaz

It started just a glance
That was gone without a trace
Like so many times before
My mind begins to race

But I will never know you
It’s not that I don’t want to
I just don’t think I’ll ever take the chance
You may be an angel absolutely beautiful
But I will have to leave it at a glance
This is my love song for my imagination
Cause it can’t go wrong in my imagination

There are possibilities
For happiness and hurt
But if I never play with fire
I know I never will get burned

But soon my loneliness will
Breed this discontent with
Never knowing what’s in store
I’ve paddled for my life and
It’s never ended right so
I’ll just stay safe upon the shore

Or could this be the first time
I make myself go walk the line
And find out what could really happen next
I don’t know where you’re off to
Or if I find you what to do
I’ll go with just my heart and not my head
This is my love song in hope of what’s to come
And if it goes wrong I’ll write another love song



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