People Watching Paradise

People Watching

The transit system is a perfect place to people watch. It’s amazing what you can tell about a person just by watching them.

You see all sorts of people too.

The woman who smiles at the little kid and reaches down to pick up something he drops without even hesitating. You know she loves kids and probably has grandchildren.

The girl who wears makeup and puts on more makeup while riding the bus. She also ignores the child completely. You can tell she cares a lot about her appearance and you wonder if she’s superficial.

The man who gets up to give his seat to an older woman without hesitating and as he sits down again because she said it was okay, asks if she’s sure. They are courteous and are a gentleman. You know it’s most likely not an act.

The couple who get off the bus and give each other a peck before walking to work. You know they love each other and have probably been together for a while.

The multitudes of people who listen to music, are on their phones constantly and those who read books on the bus. It all says something about them.

Even just the way people dress says something about them whether where they are possibly going, what their morals are, how they view themselves and others, etc.

I find it interesting seeing how many people have died their hair, as well as the differences between how different age groups dress. Today, there were a lot of high school/junior high kids on my bus in the morning and I found it a little disconcerting how some of the girls wore clothes that in my opinion showed too much skin.

There was also a teenage boy on the bus today who reminded me very much of a character in my book in progress. The way he looked and acted. It all reminded me of him and I would have laughed if I found out his name was Eric.

Judging A Book By Its Cover

I know there is a saying that says you can’t judge a book by its cover but I found this is not entirely true. To an extent, you can judge a book by its cover. The cover says a lot about a book just like the way you look says a lot about you.

I know when I read a book, the cover is the first thing that draws me to the book. If the cover of a book is not appealing to me I often won’t give it a second look. However, if the book’s cover is appealing and makes me interested in what it is possibly about, I pick it up and read the summary on the back.

The cover often gives some sort of glimpse into what the book will be about. Just based on the cover, you can often tell if a book will be a suspense novel, a romance novel, a non-fiction book, etc. If you don’t like the romance genre you will skip over a book that has a couple on the front making out. It’s just the way it works.

It’s the same with people in a way. What you are on the inside often comes out in your appearance or the way you act. If you’re into sports, the way you dress will most likely convey this to others.

So even though “they” say you can’t judge a book by its cover, it is only partially true. There are things you can gather by the way a book or a person looks.

However, with that being said, people need to be aware that there is more to a person than just their looks and sometimes people will surprise you. People are complex and you can’t tell everything by what they look like nor should you try.

Jimbo is always watching

Jimbo is always watching (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

P.S. You could say I’m always watching so be aware of this when I’m in the same room as you.

One comment on “People Watching Paradise

  1. A good observation. I’d call you a “prodigious noticer,” to quote Chris Brady.

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