Does What I Say Matter?

Does what I say matter? I know people would tell me yes what I say does matter, but does it really? I mean, does what I write on here actually make a difference in anyone’s life or is it just a platform for me to write things down and have no one read them?

I’m one of those people who generally think before posting a status update on Facebook or before I send a tweet. I try to think of clever things to say that maybe some people might take notice of but it rarely happens.

I can pretty much tell you when I post something on Facebook which of my friends are the most likely to like or comment on it which is not very many.

There were times, two years ago when I was in my black pit of despair where I would post cryptic Facebook statuses about my depressed state but no one took notice of them.

Now, I’m thinking maybe I should post something really blunt and possibly morbid to see if people would actually read it. Because, honestly, I don’t know if what I say matters to anyone.

My writing seems to sit in a place where only I read it even when it is on my blog for everyone to read. What I say seems to be drowned out by what someone else says.

Does what I say matter?

People get drowned out loud and boisterous people. People are put on the back burner for those who are “important.”

Can’t what I say matter, too? Can’t I be heard even if what I say is often written down and not spoken out loud?

Do I have to become one of the loud and boisterous people or even someone who is popular in order to be heard? Or can I still be myself and have my words mean something?


10 comments on “Does What I Say Matter?

  1. M.D.J.R. says:

    Were it not for your blog, I cannot say for how much longer I would have kept quiet about my struggle with depression. Your courage and transparency about your deep and personal battle with depression helped to motivate me to share about the battle with depression I had. Also, it was your article about that very topic that convinced me to start telling people, being honest with others, and more importantly, being honest with myself that I was struggling.

    I hope it encourages you that your blog made a difference in the life of one of your readers.

    • Angela says:

      It does encourage me to know that my blog made a difference in the life of one of my readers. I know how hard it is to be transparent with others because I only started doing it after struggling for about 10 years and even then it was a process to where I could be transparent with almost everyone.

      I hope your struggles have been going better and being honest with yourself is the first step towards healing although I can’t say I’ve fully made it.

  2. Johnny Ojanpera says:

    Well, I have only been on wp for a few months, but I can tell you that I am not a passive reader and I take in every word I read whether a novel or a blog. The things I have read in your blog are so honest that it makes me able to not hold back when I write. We never really know the effect our words are having, but you should know that they are effective. I hesitate to comment sometimes because I don’t want to disrupt peoples regulars. I was seriously moved by your last blog, but I reserved comment to leave room for your “followers”. I will reconsider next time. I enjoy your insight.

    • Angela says:

      Thank you for your comment Johnny! Sometimes all of us need to hear once in a while that we’re being heard. I’m glad my honesty has an impact on people even if my transparency is mainly on my blog. To be honest, once again, I haven’t been all that transparent with my readers. Lately I’ve been trying to be more objective in my writing and take all feeling out of it because I bleed a little more onto the page or in this case the internet. A few days ago, a friend told me that more people relate to my writing when I write about my deep thoughts and I decided to do it once again. Sharing my thoughts with whoever would read them.

      I appreciate comments from whomever, whether they read my blog frequently or not. Feel free to comment on posts if you wish.

      • Johnny Ojanpera says:

        Well I would rather read someone’s honesty than someone who is practicing restraint. Blogs go two ways; therapy for the writer and the readers (plural) 😉

  3. Noel says:

    Angela, no matter what you write, the most important thing is for you to be honest and sincere. Blogging is mainly to put into words what you have experienced. If people read it, great! If not, that is fine too. I am glad you wrote this post because there are a lot people who feel the same way but are afraid of expressing it. Keep writing!

    • Angela says:

      Thank you. I’ve used blogging mainly as a platform to get my thoughts and feelings out but strayed from that the past while to try to get more readers and that’s probably where I went wrong in the first place. I should have been using it in the way I had been doing instead of trying to change.

  4. Just because people don’t say anything doesn’t mean they’re not reading. I’m like you, I always think before I make a status update on facebook or a comment on a blog. Think to yourself, how many times have you been in the middle of a comment that you abandoned and ended up not posting? I’m sure there’s a lot of people who’ve done the same.

    • Angela says:

      True. I have done that before. I need to give people the benefit of the doubt and not assume they are not necessarily reading what I say. Thank you for pointing this out.

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