Applying for College

Greetings! Just giving you a little glimpse into my life these past few months.

For the past couple of months, I’ve been in the process of applying to go to college once again in the fall but this time at a different college. It’s been a long process. First off, I had to do the normal applying by filling out a form saying I was interested in applying at the college. Then for my program, I had to send them a 2 page autobiography, as well as transcripts from high school and from the Bible College I attended. Then, I had to wait for them to send me a letter telling me I had to make an appointment for a Reading Assessment Test. So I set up the test which involved me waking up early on a Monday morning to get there and take the test which took me less than an hour, then, eat lunch and head out to the Bible College I went to because I had class in the afternoon. After this test, I had to wait for another letter that was supposed to let me know if I got into the program or if there were other steps in the applying process. I finally got the letter which told me that I needed to have an informational interview at the college with two of the faculty of the program. The interview was scheduled for a few weeks later. So at this point, I was getting kind of frustrated because it was already two months after applying and I still didn’t know if I would get into the program.

Meanwhile, I got a phone call from the library where I worked last summer asking me if I could start the day I was scheduled for the interview. So, I had to tell them that I couldn’t start that day but the next day. They said that was okay. However, in my head I was thinking was I cheating them because the position that I was to be taking was supposed to go to a student since they get government grants and at that point I didn’t know for sure if I was going to be a student in the fall.

When the interview date finally came, I’m like please let this be the last step as it was already May. The interview took maybe 10-15 minutes so it seemed fairly short but I did have to answer questions and show them I could research things on the internet. After the interview they told me that the admissions person would be in contact with me in about a week letting me know if I got in or if there were other steps. I prayed that there were no more steps.

I was waiting for this letter of course and a week came and passed and no letter. If it was two weeks after my interview and I hadn’t gotten the letter yet, I was going to call them and see what was going on. This past Friday, a weekend short of being two weeks, I finally got the letter which told me that I got into the program. Reading the letter, it told me I had to pay a deposit fee by the end of this week. I thought oh no, how am I going to pay this. With Monday being a holiday here in Canada, I knew that mailing the deposit wasn’t going to get there on time. I also don’t have a credit card so I couldn’t phone in and pay that way unless using my parent’s credit card. There was also no way I was going to drive into the city which is half an hour away but it would take at least an hour to get to where I would need to pay just to pay the fee. There was a fourth option of paying through online banking so I tried it as it was my best shot of getting the deposit in in time and it worked!

So the process of applying and getting my acceptance letter has been a long one but I’m finally in and now will have to plan for the next two years as the program lasts for two years so it’s not too long. Now other questions will have to be answered but those can wait for a little while as I’m finally glad that I can say with certainty what I’m doing in the fall. I no longer have to say “I plan to…” and now can say “I am/will…” when asked what I plan to do next year.

I, Angela Suzanne Dueck, will be going to Red River College in Winnipeg and will be taking their Library and Information Technology program come the fall.


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