Reading Emotions

Libraries are wonderful things. You meet all sorts of people and get to see what kind of books out there. It is also a wonderful place to get inspiration for writing. If you stay a while in the library you get to see what kind of books people like to take out and what kinds of people take out certain books. It’s also full of research material that you can use for the research for your writing.

I love books! Whether I’m reading them or writing them, I love them and I don’t know if I could live without them. You can learn so much from non-fiction books. They contain a plethora of knowledge that is available at your fingertips. And who doesn’t love getting swept up by a novel? Okay, not everyone does but I sure do! Through a good novel, I can travel the world and experience things I wouldn’t normally get to experience. I love getting swept up into a story where I feel what the characters are feeling. In a way I get to live vicariously through the characters of novels as well as through the characters I create.

For me, that is what makes a good novel. When I get carried away and feel what the main characters are feeling. If I am feeling along with the characters, the author has done their job. This is what I try to do with my novels. I try to write my characters and the story in a realistic way that will draw the reader into their story and their lives. Writing fiction is all about drawing the reader’s into the story that is being played out in front of them.

In a way a good author plays on the emotions of the reader and maybe this is why females are more likely to read books. I’ve been wondering this recently; why do adolescent/teen boys not read very much? From working in a library, I do not see many adolescent/teen boys come in to take out books. Oftentimes when they do come in it’s because their family comes in or they come to use the computers; occasionally they come to take out movies but even then it’s not very often. I started wondering why that was a few weeks ago and how one could get adolescent/teen boys reading again.

Now I may have my answer. Typically, guys do not like emotions and do not like to talk about them. Books, at least novels, tend to play on the reader’s emotions and maybe that’s why when boys get older they do not read as much. They do not read fiction because they look at the story too critically and without emotion so they don’t find the story interesting.

However, people often forget about non-fiction books. There are non-fiction books about almost anything and you can read them at whatever pace you like. Maybe what needs to happen is for someone to focus on writing for adolescent/teen boys but find out what they would like to read and write about that. In my opinion someone should figure out a way to get adolescent/teen boys to read as well as girls. This may end up being me or someone else.

As a proverb says, “Those who do not read are no better off than those who cannot.”


3 comments on “Reading Emotions

  1. The young guys in my life enjoy books on sports (for instance, biographies by famous athletes or coaches such as Tony Dungy and Drew Brees), or books that have fantastic battles, warriors and adventures in them. These are about action, courage, honor, strength, intelligence, prowess and such. Maybe these types of books are few, or underpromoted? The books I see promoted are, as you say, emotional and geared toward female minds. For instance, the books in the grocery store are things like Twilight, generic romance, the revolting Fifty Shades of Grey and copycats, and other such escapist stuff. Not the type that a young man would be interested in, or should be interested in.
    Thats a ramble. Just my thoughts. : )

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