Where My Writing Is

Buenas tardes! Good afternoon! I hope this post finds everyone having a fine day. I have some exciting news or at least for me it’s exciting. I have a few books in the works.

I am currently working on a new novel which I am super excited about. I’ve been excited about it since I thought of the idea for this novel towards the end of last summer. However, it has been slow going in writing it because when I got the idea for the novel it was close to the end of summer and I went away back to college in the fall and didn’t really have time to write a whole lot aside from assignments. I am still excited about it even almost a year has past since the idea bloomed. It is my major project right now and I will continue working on it this summer but I have no time table as to when it will be done. I hope to update you on my progress in the coming months.

In the meantime, I am also working on putting out a revised edition of a book I wrote a few years ago about suicide and depression. I am hoping to have the book published by the end of the summer so you can hold me to it. I will also update you on the progress of this 2nd edition as well.

Another idea I’ve had but this one may take a while as well is publishing a short story/poetry anthology. This one is more just an idea for now but I plan to possibly put it into motion sometime in the coming years. For those who don’t know what an anthology is, it is a collection of various works, in this case short stories, poetry or both, in one book.

I also have plenty of other ideas of books I want to write but those will take a little longer as I don’t want to develop too many ideas at one time. I need to space myself out a little so I don’t get overwhelmed and end up writing none of them or losing the excitement I have for them.

That’s a little update from my writing desk to wherever this post finds you.


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