Why, Hello There

Good afternoon readers! Okay, by the time you are actually reading this it probably isn’t the afternoon anymore but it’s the afternoon now and is someone else if it’s not where you are. Right now, I’m at my local library and looking out the window. From where I sit, I can see children playing (there’s a daycare across the yard), trees swaying in the wind and the clouds saying they are wanting to bestow upon us some rain all the while the sun is trying to budge through the clouds and spread its sunshine.

I sit here thinking off all the things I want to do today, tomorrow, this week and beyond. As some people have said women are like spaghetti. This is seemingly true for me. I can think of many things at once and sometimes the thoughts tumbling through my brain seem like the most random thoughts ever. Maybe this is why I make so many lists; to bring some order to my thoughts.

I know I haven’t updated this blog since my first book released. I have another blog where I post more personal blog posts and more random posts. I already had the other blog when I started this one and initially I was going to keep this blog just about my writing. However, I am thinking that the readers of my books and the readers of my blogs should be united into one group. I found myself writing on my more personal blog and not writing on this one. But I have decided to remedy this. Starting this week, I will be combining the two into one blog so my readers, whether they read my blogs, my books or both, can be united and get to know all of me and not just part of me.

I was reading just the other day that readers of authors like to get to know them and their personality so I thought combining my two blogs would be a good idea. I won’t be deleting the other blog but rather I will only post on this one so if people want to read the posts from the other blog they can.

In my next post, I will update you on books that are currently in the works.

P.S. If you want to read my other blog a link can be found in the about page. Also, as I’ve been sitting here and writing this, the clouds have moved on and the sun has won because it is now shining its rays on everything outside.


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