Love Unrealized Published!

Today my book Love Unrealized is published. You can now buy it from Amazon as well as their kindle site. The links to Love Unrealized are as follows:
Love Unrealized paperback on
Kindle version on
It can also be found on Amazon Europe.
Kindle version on
Kindle version on
Kindle version on
Kindle version on
Kindle version on
Unfortunately, it cannot be found on which is the Canadian amazon which is where I’m from.

This is my first book that has been published and I’m excited about it, yet I know that it won’t necessarily be successful. I really wish it would be successful but I know that I have to keep the mindset of humility and know that not everyone will love my book but I hope that there will be some who do.

The book is special to me aside from it being my first published book. The inspiration for the story was my own life. It is more symbolic of my life than being factual. The main character though, does struggle with some of the same things that I struggle with. A lot of the symbolism in the book, may not be obvious and I may be the only one who gets all the symbolism behind everything unless I explain it but that is okay. I hope this story inspires people and may help people who have low self-esteem who will be able to feel along with Alexa, the main character.


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