Novel Getting Published

Last December, I received inspiration for a book idea and I got really excited for it. I started writing the book almost as soon as I got the idea. However, I was still in college at the time so my progress on the book slowed down because of assignments and everything that comes along with school. There were times when weeks would go by without writing a single sentence. I got a little discouraged because of this but I didn’t let it stop me from continuing the book once the school year was done in April.

The first few weeks after school ended, I didn’t have a job so I had lots of spare time. I used my free time to write and write and write some more. When I finally got a job and was scheduled to start at the end of August, it gave me motivation to try to finish writing the book before I started. I didn’t quite make it but I finished shortly after starting work.

I wanted the book to be good so I decided to email my transcript to a couple of my friends to have them read it and give me feedback. At first I didn’t think about getting it published but I still wanted it to be good. I’m still waiting on them to give me feedback on it but I know that they have other lives and they’re probably busy.

A few weeks ago, one of the bloggers that I follow, who is also a writer, wrote a post about self-publishing. He wrote about this one website that he uses to get his books published and it sparked me to self-publish my books. His blog is I would recommend reading his blog for anyone who is interested in writing.

I am hoping to get my book completely finished by the end of September, regardless of whether my friends give me their feedback or not. I hope I do get their feedback before publishing, though. I will post more about my book in the weeks ahead.


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